Katie Nimmo

Project Manager, Waterways Centre

Lincoln University
03 423-0446

University of Canterbury
03 369-5502

Katie is the Research Project Manager at the Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management. Katie holds a Master (Applied) Social Science Research with Distinction (Victoria University of Wellington). She has over 15 years of experience managing social science research and community engagement projects; plus facilitating behavioural change in the tertiary education; residential energy efficiency and land management sector. Katie worked at the University of Canterbury Sustainability Office from 2012-2017, and part of her role was to coordinate the UC Waterscape Action Group and develop a management plan for waterways on UC campus. Between 2015 and 2016, Katie also assisted as a volunteer with establishing the Ōpawahō Heathcote River Network.

Personal Statement

I have a proven track record in the journey towards a sustainable Aotearoa/New Zealand. My approach to this journey is a pragmatic one and I have over 15 years experience managing social science research and community engagement projects. I love to work with teams of experts who are identifying innovative ways to address future challenges. I am to create an enabling 'base camp' for busy researchers so that their research programmes are efficient. I like to make things happen by supporting efficient, effective processes which generate quality evidence-based information. I add value to this through strategic thinking and connecting the right people up and making sure they are having the right conversations with each other.​