Research Priority: Sustainable Nutrients

The purpose of the research priority theme "Sustainable Nutrients" is to minimize nutrient movement, within economic and environmental constraints, from developed land into water, and to reduce the effects of excessive nutrients in water bodies.The project lead for this theme is Dr. Niklas Lehto. Senior Lecturer. LU, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Centre for Integrated Biowaste Research team at Lake Waikare installing manuka-based ecosystems to improve water quality. Photo: Brett Robinson

Researchers affiliated with this theme are listed below.

  Fields of Research
Dr. Peter Almond

Soil geomorphology, soil science, climatically induced changes in soil formation and transport processes on hill slopes (LU, Dept. Soil and Physical Sciences).

Prof. Keith Cameron

Soil and environmental science, soil physics, solute transport, nitrate leaching, nitrification inhibitors, soil nitrogen.(LU, Centre for Soil and Environmental Quality)

Dr Henry Chau

Soil and environmental physics. Management and understanding of soil water.(LU, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Prof Tim Clough

Biogeochemistry and environmental science. Stable isotope science and methodology, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. (LU Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Prof Hong Di

Soil and environmental science, mitigation of nitrate leaching

Prof. Nicholas Dickinson

Ecological restoration and remediation of degraded and contaminated land: nutrient and pollutant management associated with agriculture, urbanization and industry (LU, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Dr Niklas Lehto Trace metal kinetics and speciation in aquatic systems (LU, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Prof. Brett Robinson

Sustainable land use, soil/water interactions, soil health, wastewater reuse. (UC, Chemistry)

Please contact Katie Nimmo, WCFM Research Project Manager if you are academic staff and are interested in conducting research into freshwater management but not currently affiliated to the Centre, or if you are already affiliated with the WCFM, but wish to be listed against different, or multiple research priority themes.