Research Priority: Sustainable Groundwater

The purpose of this theme is to improve confidence in the assessment of the effects of groundwater use, utilizing interdisciplinary aspects of groundwater research, applied knowledge and existing monitoring sites and data.

The project lead for this priority theme is Dr. Leanne Morgan.

WRM students investigating ground water on Ilam Fields, University of Canterbury

Researchers affiliated with this theme are listed below.


Fields of Research

Dr. Leanne Morgan Coastal hydrogeology, seawater intrusion, surface water-groundwater interaction, soil hydrology, regional-scale groundwater modelling for management (UC)
Dr. Nick Dudley-Ward

Groundwater tomography, rural water supply for remote communities, emergency water supply. (UC)

Assoc. Prof Travis Horton

Hydrothermal fluid flow, stable isotope geochemistry (UC)

Prof. Mark Milke

Groundwater quality, environmental engineering, market approaches to groundwater

Prof. Roger Nokes

Fluids engineering, application of computer technology to experimental methods in fluid dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics. (UC)

Please contact Katie Nimmo, WCFM Research Project Manager if you are academic staff and are interested in conducting research into freshwater management but not currently affiliated to the Centre, or if you are already affiliated with the WCFM, but wish to be listed against different, or multiple research priority themes.