Research Priority: Technology and Infrastructure

The purpose of the Technology and Infrastructure research priority theme is to develop and assess innovative infrastructure, technologies, standards and best management practices to improve water use efficiency and reduce water contamination, while supporting economic growth. The project lead for this theme is Professor Tom Cochrane. (UC, College of Engineering).

Photo: Supplied by Lincoln University

Researchers affiliated with this theme are listed below.


Fields of Research

Dr Ricardo Bello Mendoza

Anaerobic processes for wastewater treatment and bioenergy production. Degradation of water contaminants by advanced oxidation processes Fate of organic micro-pollutants in the aquatic environment Small-scale wastewater treatment systems for developing communities (UC, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering)

Dr. Crile Doscher

Hydrology, computer modelling, environmental engineering (LU, Department of Environmental Management)

Prof Thomas Cochrane

Hydrology, hydropower, water resources modelling, sediment transport and erosion, irrigation, storm water modelling and monitoring (UC, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering)

Prof. Tim Davies

River mechanics and management, natural resource engineering, hazard and disaster management. (UC, Geological Sciences)

Dr. Tonny de Vries

Irrigation engineering, climate change, water resources engineering, agriculture (UC, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering)

Assoc. Prof Vladimir Golovko Synthesis of novel multifunctional metal clusters, complexes and colloids, catalytic studeis, nanotechnology applications.
Dr Matthew Hughes

Potable water and waste water systems. Infrastructure lifelines (UC Civil and Natural Resources Engineering)

Prof. Pedro Lee Flow hydraulics of open compound channels. System control theory for fault detection in pipeline systems. Unsteady flow and frequency dependent effects in pipelines.
Assoc. Prof. Aisling O'Sullivan Water quality monitoring and modelling, ecological treatment technologies, life cycle assessment modelling.
Dr Wendy McWilliams Green infrastructure planning, design and management.
Dr Markus Pahlow Water scarcity, sustainability assessment of water usage, integrated catchment analysis, hydrology, flood risk planning and management (UC, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering)
Prof. Jenny Webster-Brown

Mining and geothermal effects of water quality. (Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management).

Prof. Matthew Wilson Surface water hydrology, Flood risk, River science, Water resources, Impacts of climate change, Geographical Information Science (UC, Geospatial Research Institute)
Assoc. Prof Thomas Wilson Disaster risk and resilience, natural hazard risk assessment (UC, Geological Sciences)

Please contact Katie Nimmo, WCFM Research Project Manager if you are academic staff and are interested in conducting research into freshwater management but not currently affiliated to the Centre, or if you are already affiliated with the WCFM, but wish to be listed against different, or multiple research priority themes.