Research Priority: Urban Waterway Environments

The purpose of this research priority is to better manage water use, discharge and re-use in an urban environment, assessing infrastructure and processes that enhance the value of urban water, promote efficient use (e.g., recycling) and protect natural waterways. The project lead for this theme is: Dr. Frances Charters, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering.

Rain gardens in front of the Ernest Rutherford building, UC. Photo: Duncan Shaw-Brown, University of Canterbury

More information about researchers affiliated with this theme is listed below.


Fields of Research

Dr Ed. Challies Collaborative governance of water, access and rights to water, participation effective environmental policies and plans.(UC, WCFM)
Dr Frances Charters

Stormwater quality characterisation, storm water quality modelling, stormwater treatment (UC, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering)

Assoc. Prof Thomas Cochrane Hydrology, hydropower, water resources modelling, sediment transport and erosion, irrigation, storm water modelling and monitoring (UC, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering)
Professor Jon Harding Aquatic entomology, biomonitoring, fresh water biology, land use impacts, restoration, conservation ecology, urban waterways (UC , School of Biological Sciences)
Assoc. Prof. Aisling O'Sullivan Water quality monitoring and modelling, ecological treatment technologies, life cycle assessment modelling.
Assoc. Prof Sally Gaw

Environmental chemistry, fate and behaviour of contaminants in the environment, emerging organic contaminants.(UC, Chemistry)

Please contact Katie Nimmo, WCFM Research Project Manager if you are academic staff and are interested in conducting research into freshwater management but not currently affiliated to the Centre, or if you are already affiliated with the WCFM, but wish to be listed against different, or multiple research priority themes.