Christchurch City and Selwyn District Water Resource Database

This meta-database of information on the surface and groundwater resources of Christchurch City and Selwyn District was created as part of a summer scholarship project completed in 2013/2014. The full report is available on request and includes a description of the creation of the database.

The database includes over 750 references; mainly university research theses and reports, technical reports, scientific papers, official communications, and relevant policy and strategy documents. The material has been sorted into “search groups” and linked to keywords to enable the database to be searched. A brief summary of content is provided for each reference as well as a PDF where available.

Keyword search:

All Resources Resource Type Surface Water Ground Water Selwyn Christchurch
Algae All Technical Reports Surface Water Groundwater All Selwyn Surface and Groundwater Resources All Christchurch Surface and Groundwater Resources
All Christchruch City and Selwyn District Water Resource Information Christchurch Drainage Board Technical Reports Technical Reports Burnham Avon River
Bacteria Concentrations Ellesmere Lands Drainage Board Water Quality Water Quality Central Plains Water Irrigation Avon-Heathcote Estuary (Ihutai)
Canterbury Earthquakes North Canterbury Catchment Board Water Quantity Water Quantity Drinking Water Banks Peninsula
Canterbury Rivers and Streams Strategies and Plans Halswell River Christchurch-West Melton Groundwater Zone
Canterbury Water Management Strategy Theses/Dissertations Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora Drinking Water
Climate Change Lake Forsyth/Wairewa Heathcote River
Ecology Lincoln Port Hills
Fish Rakaia Catchment Styx River
Floods Selwyn River Waimakariri River and Catchment
Historical Surface and Groundwater Woolston Cut
Land Use Change
Ngai Tahu
Surface-Groundwater Interface
Water Allocation
Waterway Restoration