Employment opportunities

We are happy to list jobs that people let us know about directly, and we frequently check for freshwater-related opportunities to include here.

In general three waters or water engineering positions are not listed here, but if you have an opening you would like promoted, please email the Waterways administrator. A selection of three water jobs are listed here:



Brief Description


Closing date

Graduate Hydrologist A technical role with hands on modelling,design, geospatial and reporting responsibilities. Run computer-based, mathematical models of wastewater, stormwater and river systems to test scenarios and understand environmental impacts. Awa Environmental  
Technician/Research Associate, Plant and Food Research Provide technical support for field and laboratory based research on the effect of land use and anagement choices on the environment, the fate of agrichemicals in soil and water, and the characterisation of bio-chemical and physical properties of soils

Science New Zealand, Plant and Food Research

10 February 2019

Other websites that list water-management vacancies include: NIWA, Science New Zealand (vacancies at all Crown Research Institutes), and Local Government Jobs (for compliance and monitoring roles). Regional councils typically list their summer student roles from about September every year onwards. A few are usually related to water management, and it pays to check their websites on a regular basis.