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While the Waterways Centre does not offer an undergraduate degree, there are several undergraduate courses in Water Resource Management offered through both the University of Canterbury and Lincoln University.

Undergraduate course descriptions

WATR 201: Freshwater Resources (University of Canterbury)

WATR 201: Freshwater Resources (Lincoln University)

15 points, Semester 2 Characterisation, value and use of freshwater resources, and tools and techniques for assessment and management

WATR202: Water on Land: Quantity and Quality(Lincoln University) 15 points, Semester 1 Physical and chemical characterisation of the use of freshwater resources in agriculture.
WATR203: Freshwater Science Field Skills (University of Canterbury)

15 points, Summer Course (not offered in 2018 but will run in 2019 - to be timetabled). This five day course, based primarily at UC, involves field-based practical freshwater monitoring, including hydrological, water chemistry, aquatic plant, invertebrate, fish and bird assessments. Course outline available here.

WATR 301: Water Resource Management (University of Canterbury)

WATR 301: Water Resource Management (Lincoln University)
15 points, Semester 1 Water resource use conflicts, and frameworks balancing environmental, economic, social and cultural water needs in catchment management.
WATR302: Water on Land: Application and Management (Lincoln University) 15 points, Semester 2 Application of surface and groundwater models for water management; irrigation concepts and technologies; impacts of agricultural land use; agricultural waste management.