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Waterways welcomes Erskine Visiting Professor David Maidment in 2018

Waterways is happy to be hosting Professor David Maidment in semester 1, 2018, as part of the Erskine Fellowship program. While at Waterways, Professor Maidment is coordinating a special topic paper looking at how GIS and integration of monitoring data can support water modelling. For more information on the paper, go here.

David was born and raised in the Wairarapa and obtained his Bachelors Degree in Engineering from the University of Canterbury in 1972. He received his graduate education in the United States and has served on the civil engineering faculty of the University of Texas at Austin since 1981. He has experience in regional water quality assessment in Texas and is returning to University of Canterbury on an Erskine Fellowship, to try to help address the water quality challenges NZ faces. He is the first New Zealand born and educated civil engineer to have been elected to the US National Academy of Engineering. For more on David, go here.